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1. Sudoku Magic also provides a unique playing interface to create, play and solve an unlimited number of Sudokus. • Captures almost any Sudoku from newspapers, magazines or even your computer screen! • Captured puzzles are stored in the puzzle library automatically, so you don't need to keep the newspaper! • Our advanced rating algorithm will automatically rank the puzzle difficulty. • Pencil markings can be added to map out possibilities. • Solve and single-cell Hint buttons for when you get stuck or frustrated. • Captured puzzles are automatically stored in the library by level of difficulty. • Puzzles can be tagged when you capture them so you remember where they came from. • Sudoku Magic generates unlimited new puzzles, so you'll never run out! • No Internet connection is required, it is all done in the iPhone! • Sudoku Magic pauses your puzzle when you receive a call and lets you resu...

2. With Sudoku Magic, you can capture any Sudoku puzzle -from a newspaper, a magazine, even from your computer screen- just by taking a photo with your iPhone’s Camera.

3. Sudoku Magic is free of advertising and provides unlimited puzzle from 4 levels of difficulties: easy to extreme.

4. Enjoy Sudoku Magic every day and become a Sudoku expert with our unlimited puzzles!

5. Puzzles are saved when you close the app, so you can continue later.

6. But this is more than just a cool app to impress your friends with!

7. Have fun and impress your friends with the unique camera capture!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Sudoku Magic for free?

Yes! You can Download Sudoku Magic - The Puzzle Game from official sites for free using our site.

Can I use Sudoku Magic on PC?

It is easy to use the Sudoku Magic - The Puzzle Game app on PC and it works on Windows and MAC. A free tutorial is available to help you get started.

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