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1. The app will automatically eliminate a card if it is shown to you and, if you’ve selected to have the game located cards for you, when entering another player’s suggestion, if a card is shown and it’s known that the other two cards in the suggestion are elsewhere or not held by that player the game will automatically eliminate these.

2. You will ask the player to your left, if they don’t show a card to you press ‘No Cards Shown’ and move on to the next player, if they show a card you select the card from the wheel and press ‘Card Shown’.

3. You can manually enter that a player holds or doesn’t hold a particular card by swiping the cell to the left a pressing the Eliminate/Uneliminate button.

4. If you select to use this feature, as you record the turns in the game the app will cross-reference the location of cards from all of the player's responses and deduce for you what cards must have been shown in each go.

5. Clued Up transforms your messy notes into a crisp table, showing you for each card, at a glance: who’s holding it, who’s not holding it, who’s suggested it, who’s seen it and the likelihood of it being the card in the envelope.

6. If you don’t see your edition listed you can use the card set editing feature to create any edition you like and store it in the cloud for others to use.

7. After selecting your card set you then have to enter in all of the cards you have been dealt.

8. To enter an opponent’s suggestion you do the same thing except you select ‘Other’s Suggestion’ and, on the next screen, select the player making the suggestion.

9. Enter every card you are holding and then press finish.

10. To enter your suggestion you pick the items from the table and press the ‘Your Suggestion’ button.

11. Once you’ve entered the names of the players in the game you’ll be given the option to select which edition of the game you are playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Klued Up Pro Board Game Solver for free?

Yes! You can Download Klued Up Pro Board Game Solver from official sites for free using our site.

Can I use Klued Up Pro Board Game Solver on PC?

It is easy to use the Klued Up Pro Board Game Solver app on PC and it works on Windows and MAC. A free tutorial is available to help you get started.

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