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WindowsDen the one-stop for Games Pc apps presents you Agency Wars Lite by MindJolt. Become a deadly spy in Agency Wars, the best massively multiplayer online game for the iPhone. Embark on heart-pounding missions across the globe in numerous real-world locations. Protect the planet from evil terrorists, drug dealers and corrupt warlords. Work for one of many top-secret agencies around the world, such as the CIA, KGB, MI6 and more. Increase your skills and abilities to become the most dangerous spy ever. Collect items from around the world, including futuristic laser guns, electric knives, and high-yield explosives. Participate in a fully functional user-driven economy by buying and selling items to other players. Band together with other spies to embark on Joint-Missions, these dangerous tasks require multiple players to complete. Sick of playing the good guy? Track other players across the globe and assassinate them, or assassinate players next to you in your real-world location using your iPhones GPS. The life of a spy is not a simple one. Be on call 24 hours a day to fulfill your agency’s plan. Acquire hundreds of guns, knives and bombs that even the Green Berets are scared to use. Patrol through the snow of Siberia, the mountains of China and the streets of Tokyo to find your mark. Nobody is safe from a spy, no matter where they are. Agency Wars offers many features typically found only in the best console/PC MMO RPG and FPS games. Brought to you by SGN, the creator of iBowl, SGN Golf and Mafia Respect and Retaliation. This is the FREE Lite version, download any of the premium versions to unlock all the features in Agency Wars. The premium versions also give you Agency Reward points, which can be used to purchase special items and attribute upgrades! The premium versions also unlock 90 new missions, world travel and passports! Features: Joint-Missions: Embark on dangerous missions with as many as five other players. Earn special rewards for accomplishing these deadly tasks. Fully Functional Economy: Find rare items throughout the world and sell them to other agents, or simply use them for yourself. Player VS Player Combat: Fight other players throughout the world in real-time. Eliminate the competition to become the best spy in the world! Geo-Location Missions: Complete missions available in real-world locations in your home-town. Go to secret locations to complete these extremely high-profile missions. (iPhone Only!). We hope you enjoyed learning about Agency Wars Lite. Download it today for Free. It's only 7.19 MB. Follow our tutorials below to get Agency Wars Lite version 2.1 working on Windows 7, 10 and 11.

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How to: Download and Install Agency Wars Lite on your Windows PC

Good news! download an app like Agency Wars Lite on Windows PC! Direct download below:

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Alternatively, follow the instructions below to use Agency Wars Lite on your PC:

We will help you download and install Agency Wars Lite on your computer in 3 steps below:

  1. Download an Android App emulator.
    An emulator imitates/ emulates an android device on your computer, making it easy to install and run android apps from the comfort of your PC. We've listed the best below:
    1. Nox App
    2. Bluestacks
    We recommend Bluestacks since it is very popular with lots of online tutorials.

  2. Install the Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe Software emulator on your Windows PC.

  3. Using Agency Wars Lite on the Computer:
    1. Once installed, Open the Emulator app, type Agency Wars Lite in the search bar and hit search.
    2. You will easily see your desired app. Click on it. It will display Agency Wars Lite in your Emulator Software.
    3. Hit the Install button and your application will start Installing.
    4. To use the Agency Wars Lite app, open your Emulator » "All Apps". It will display a page containing all your installed applications.
    5. You will see the Agency Wars Lite app icon. Click to start using Agency Wars Lite for Pc now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Agency Wars Lite for free?

Yes! You can Download Agency Wars Lite from official sites for free using our site.

Can I use Agency Wars Lite on PC?

It is easy to use the Agency Wars Lite app on PC and it works on Windows and MAC. A free tutorial is available to help you get started.

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