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1. Not only is the theory of Go explained clearly and simply, the reader is also given problems to show how these theoretical concepts are applied in actual games. - “Single Digit Kyu Game Commentaries” (vol. - “Cho Hun-hyeon’s Lectures on Go Techniques” (vol. - “Black to Play! - “Graded Go Problems for Beginners” (vol. “Invincible: The Games of Shusaku” by John Power has been widely acclaimed as a masterpiece on one of the greatest Go players who ever lived.

2. Enhanced with in-diagram replay, inline diagrams, and links to referenced games, be prepared to experience this classic in a whole new way. “The Life, Games and Commentaries of Honinbo Shuei” by John Fairbairn provides a full-length biography, detailed commentaries on 79 of Shuei's games tracing the development of Shuei's elusive style, and a collection of Shuei's commentaries.

3. To help you choose, the free “Guide to Go Books” provides clues as to which books might be appropriate for your level. - “Learn to Play Go” (vol. - “So You Want to Play Go?

4. For more than 20 years, the Elementary Go Series books have been the standard texts for Go players who want to get a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

5. A better experience than printed books, at half the price. - Some multi-lingual books (Japanese, German, French & Spanish).

6. Enjoy high-quality books about the game of Go on your iPad and iPhone.

7. SmartGo Books currently offers more than 130 Go books that you can buy using in-app purchase; more books are in the works.

8. A must-read for every serious Go player and student of Go history. - “Understanding Pro Games” & “Deep Thought” (vol.

9. The rules can be learned in minutes, yet the complexity of the game provides lifetime enjoyment.

10. Replay moves and solve problems directly within diagrams.

11. The two players take turns placing stones in an effort to surround territory.

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