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1. Show your skills as a hotel manager, invest wisely in staff and property improvements, and work your socks off to become a hospitality tycoon in this addictive and entertaining casual simulator. • Climb to the top: Start the game as a simple bellhop single-handedly cleaning rooms, greeting guests at reception, collecting payments and tips, and keeping the bathroom stocked with toilet paper.

2. Though remember each facility also needs staffing, so get hiring or you’ll soon run off your feet with angry guests left standing in line for each amenity. • Grand designs: Upgrade accommodation to improve guests’ experience of your property and choose from a range of different room designs in each location.

3. Upgrade your and your employees’ movement speed to work faster and provide your guests with all the services they need ASAP — it’ll boost your revenue too. • Amenities are the answer: Maximise profits and get more funds to invest in this fun simulator by ensuring your hotels have all available amenities.

4. Your guests may be sleeping comfortably, but there’s no time to rest for a determined hotel tycoon. • Build an empire: There are several hotels to explore and expand, each with dozens of different unique upgrades to make before you reach five-star perfection.

5. Demonstrate your competence as a manager in each location, then get promoted to get a new and bigger property, and continue your path to becoming a true hotel tycoon.

6. As your bank balance expands, upgrade rooms and facilities, and employ new staff to help keep up with the growing demand at your hotel.

7. Each hotel has its own style and atmosphere too. • Keep going: If you want success in this high-stakes industry, you can’t just stroll around your property at a leisurely pace.

8. Start from the ground up in this fun and fast-paced time-management game where the aim is to build an accommodation empire and demonstrate your dedication to hospitality.

9. Dive straight into the fast-paced world of hospitality provision and develop your skills as a manager, investor, and designer.

10. Bathrooms are the first step, but work hard and you’ll soon have the opportunity to add vending machines, restaurants, parking lots, and swimming pools to your properties.

11. Looking for a time-management game that’s original and simple to play and provides endless hours of entertainment?

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Yes! You can Download My Perfect Hotel from official sites for free using our site.

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It is easy to use the My Perfect Hotel app on PC and it works on Windows and MAC. A free tutorial is available to help you get started.

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